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Pentens T-308 Crystalline Admixture Waterproofing

PENTENS T-308 is a reactive crystalline type waterproofing material which is formulated by proprietary blends of chemicals (mainly organic and inorganic salts), quartz, sand and cement. PENTENS T-308 is an environmentally friendly and low VOC material. It is an integral waterproofing system that added to batches of concrete during mixing process. The active waterproofing chemicals which react with moisture and free lime in the concrete or cement-based materials, it causes a catalytic reaction that creates long chained complexes a non-soluble crystalline formation which crystallizes in the pores and capillary tracks.

In a long run, under a supersaturation environment inside concrete, PENTENS T-308 initiates crystallization process. When this process takes place, millions of needle-like crystals form and fill the naturally occurring capillary pores and microscopic voids within the concrete. Path for harmful moisture and aggressive chemicals are blocked permanently.

PENTENS T-308 is added to batches of concrete during the mixing process for new construction projects. The high-growth organic component of the product reacts with water and unhydrated particles in concrete to form millions of needle-like crystals. These crystals grow and migrate through the concrete to fill in hair-thin pores and microscopic voids up to 0.4mm that would otherwise serve as passages for harmful moisture.

PENTENS T-308 technology enhances the natural hydration process in concrete, increasing compressive strength over time and dramatically reducing cracking

caused by shrinkage. Pentens T-308 is also selfsealing.

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