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Pentens® T-304

High Elastic Cementitious waterproofing coating

Pentens T-304 is elastic, thixotropic two pack material consisting of high solids polymer with modified cement bound mineral powder. 

Pentens T-304 is paintable and has high adhesion with concrete / masonry surfaces. The coating of Pentens T-304 possesses high flexural and tensile strength and thus elastic in nature. Pentens T-304 is free from chlorides and any other corrosive substances.


Areas of application include: 

- Waterproofing systems for bathrooms, roof decks, balconies, water tanks

- Sealing and protection of bridge decks, parking decks, splashing zones, tunnels

- As anti-carbonation coating in new and repair protection system

High Elastic Cementitious waterproofing coating


-  Easy to apply

 - Highly Flexible

 - High water resistance

 - Breathable membrane

 - Excellent adhesion to Brick work, concrete / masonry, 

    other cement bound surfaces

 - Seamless, non-toxic

 - Permeable to water vapor

 - Ultimate weather resistance

 - For internal as well as External purpose

High Elastic Cementitious waterproofing coating
High Elastic Cementitious waterproofing coating
High Elastic Cementitious waterproofing coating
High Elastic Cementitious waterproofing coating
High Elastic Cementitious waterproofing coating
High Elastic Cementitious waterproofing coating

Surface Preparation

All the surfaces, joint between slab and wall  must be clean, free from grease, oil, laitance, and  remove all the dirt and contaminants, which might affect adhesion. The impurity outside the structure body should be cleaned thoroughly.

Any crack and water leakage should be pre-treated and reinforced before the waterproofing.



Add Pentens T-304B (25kg powder) gradually to the Pentens T-304A (18kg resin) and mix thoroughly until it blends completely with cement compound. Use mixture within 30 minutes.



Substrate should be primed with a 1:3 mixture of Pentens T-007 and water. Brush on at the approximate rate of 0.3kg/m2 .


On areas exposed hot drying winds. 2 to 3 thin coats of paint may be more successful than 1 thick coat.


Pentens T-304  is suggested to apply at least 2 coats. The first coat should be applied in one direction only. If possible the second coat should be applied at right angles to the first.


Apply or plaster first and finish coat of Pentens T-304 to construction surface by using brush, roller of spray method. The time interval between plastering shall be 2 ~ 6 hours, and make sure that the first layer of plastering has been dried and formed as membrane.



1.25kg/m2/per coat

-Bathrooms and kitchen: minimum 2 coats.

-Roof, planter boxes, balconies, water tanks and basements: minimum 3 coats.


For more details, please refer to our Technical Department.



For optimum performance, Pentens T-304 should be allowed to cure for 24 hours before the finishing concrete, tiles etc and during this  time precautions must be taken in order to prevent damaging to the coating.



Tools and equipment just can be clean with clean water immediately, after use. Hardener material can only be mechanically removed.



As cement is alkaline and may cause irritation,  applicators are recommended to wear gloves and goggles when using Pentens T-304. In case contact with eyes, flush immediately with clean water and seek medical assistance if  symptoms persist.


Important Notes

The material must be stored indoor to avoid  being exposed to direct sunlight, wind, or rain;  and the material shall be kept away from fire or smoke.

High Elastic Cementitious waterproofing coating
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