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Pentens® HP-023

Pentens continuously develops and refines Crack Injection Systems and recommendations. High Pressure Polyurethane is an important system used by thousands of applicators. Basic product knowledge helps users to reduce possible problems. The right injection technology should be identified before the project is started.


Epoxy injection resins usually “fail” in stopping active water leakage because of their slow reaction time and inability to bond to wet surfaces; this failure is resolved with the Pentens Polyurethane System.


The actively flowing water will be stopped by injecting Pentens PU-108,  PU-168, PU-300 which reacts quickly with the water to form an expanding foam. The final product is a semi-rigid or flexible closed-cell and strong bonding seal. To control the speed of the chemical reaction a certain percentage of a accelerator is added. The amount of accelerator added allows to control the gel times between a few seconds and several minutes.




All kinds of cracks and joints in concrete, such as:

-Cold joints

- Expansion joints

- Working cracks




- Heavy duty for daily use

- Lightweight

- 10,000 PSI

- Easy to use, clean & maintain

- Single component

- Pressure gauge

- Hopper included

- Recommended for beginners and injection pros

- Compatible with the complete line of Pentens PU Injection Grouts including epoxy resins 



Professional Equipment for PU injection


MA023K – Injection Pump

Very powerful, extremely lightweight injection pump for the complete line of Pentens injection grouts. Suitable for mid-size jobs and daily use this is the perfect machine for waterproofing contractors performing commercial work and residential injection. With this pump it is a snap to get in and out of basements and confined areas. The MA023K is very compact. But do not underestimate its power. It will create pressures in extend of 10,000psi!


The modular design keeps maintenance cost low and allows for easy cleaning. Parts can be replaced by the contractor to keep downtime at an absolute minimum.



Instruction for Use


Step 1: Clean Surfaces


Step 2: Drill Injection Holes


Step 3: Insert Injection Packers


Step 4: Flush Crack If Necessary


Step 5: Crack Injection

(For detail information, please refer to PU-108, PU-168, and PU-300.)


Step 6: Clean Up

Once the resin hardens, it is almost impossible to dissolve it. Any resin

spilled must be cleaned immediately before the resin sets.

Clean your injection pump, mixers and any other tools that came in contact with the product thoroughly using Pentens SO3 or a solvent. The packers can be removed within 24 hours and the holes should be patched. If desired, an electric grinder can be used to remove excess cured grout that flowed out the cracks.


High Pressure Crack Injection Systems & Equipment

Pentens HP-023 High Pressure Crack Injection Systems & Equipment
Pentens HP-023 High Pressure Crack Injection Systems & Equipment

Max. Pressure:         10,000 psi

Flow:              0.74 liters/minute

Voltage:                 110V / 220V

Weight:                              9 kgs



Pentens HP-023 High Pressure Crack Injection Systems & Equipment

- Packers (8cm, 10cm)

- HP Injection Hose

- HP Injection Valve

- Grease Head

- Grease Head Rubber

- Alex Center




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